Soil and Water Testing

Soil & Water Testing and why it’s important for the cannabis/hemp grower

Soil and water testing show you the road map to what needs to be supplemented and/or amended in your crop.

Water is the single largest input that you apply to your crop and the first step in providing a quality plant is providing a balanced soil or growing medium.  Whether you are a hydroponic grower, aquaponic farm or grow in soil, you NEED to know what is in your water and soil.

Soil Life Systems (SLS) offers comprehensive soil and water testing from two of the foremost laboratories in the country.

Instruction Flyer

Taking a sample:
We offer many types of tests but the main ones are soil, and irrigation suitability tests. Once the results come back, we will give you a free consultation regarding possible changes that need to be made in order to optimize your growing environment to produce the highest quality plants.

Irrigation Suitability:  Fill a 16 oz bottle to the very top with your water sample.  There should be no air pocket at the top of the sample. Mail or bring in the samples and we will contact your with your results and provide a free consultation regarding possible steps to take in order to improve your water quality.

Soil Sample:  Fill one bag per sample site with 1 lb. of soil.  Be sure to mark the bags with the test site name. Mail or bring your samples to our office and we will take care of the rest.

Tissue Samples:  A tissue sample is only viable for 24 hours so be sure put it in a bag and bring to our office ASAP.  We will get it to the lab for you.   

Mail or bring your samples to our office located at:
3240 Fillmore Ridge Hgts (Fillmore Exit #145 off I-25)
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Our office hours are 6:00 am to 3:00 pm. Mon – Fri.
If you need testing supplies, just let us know and we will provide them at no charge

Call us for more information.  719-635-9024 or Toll Free at 800-225-1311