Listed  below are some of the products we can provide for your cannabis grow:  If you don’t see what you need, please call Julie at 719-635-9024 for more information and pricing.  Our pricing is competitive…call us today!  Products will be sent via FedEx or for 55 gal drums via LTL Carrier.

We provide local delivery or customer pick up if you are in our area.  Call ahead to be sure we have your product in stock. 

Description Category Size
Accelerate BioStimulant Biostimulant 2.5 Gal/per Gal
Adam’s Earth Biostimulant 2×2.5 gal per Gal
AzaGuard CDA Insect Growth Regulator 4×1 Qt per Qt
AzaGuard CDA Insect Growth Regulator 2×1 Gal per Gal
*NEW Biomite Miticide OMRI Listed Organic Miticide  3 Qt Jug per Jug
Botanigard 22 WP CDA Approved Micoinsecticide 12×1 lb per #
Capsil Wetting Agent Wetting Agent 1 Gallon per gal
Captiva CDA Approved Insecticide 6×1 Qt per Qt
Cease CDA Approved Pesticide 4×1 gal per Gal
Double Nickle LC CDA Approved Pesticide 2×2.5 gal per Gal
Eco-Molasses Natural Molasses Fertilizer 2×2.5 Gal/Per Jug
Evergreen 60-6  HAZMAT CDA Botanical Insecticide 4×1 gal per Gal
*NEW Grandevo CDA Approved Pesticide 6×5# Bags per #
Green Clean Pro HAZMAT CDA Approved Pesticide 50# Bag per Bag
*NEW Green Cleaner CDA Approved Pesticide 4×1 Gal Case/Per Gal
Humate Greens Grade Soil Amendment 50# Bag per Bag
*NEW Kinetic WA/Spreader/Penetrant Spray Adjuvant 4.1 gal per gal
MegAlex 3-0-0 Foliar Carbohydrate 2×2.5 Gal/Per Gal
*NEW PFR-97 20% WDG OMRI Listed Microbial Insecticide 5# Bag per Bag
Pyganic EC 1.4 CDA Botanical Insecticide 2×1 Gal per Gal
Pyganic EC 1.4 CDA Botanical Insecticide 6×1 Qt per Qt
Pyganic EC 5.0 II CDA Botanical Insecticide 2×1 Gal per Gal
Pyganic EC 5.0 II CDA Botanical Insecticide 6×1 Qt per Qt
Richlawn Organic 5-3-2 Organic Fertilizer 40# Bag per bag
Triathlon BA CDA Approved Pesticide 4×1 gal per Gal
Trilogy CDA Approved Fungicide/Miticide 2×2.5 gal per Gal
*NEW Vestis WA OMRI Listed Wetting Agent 4×1 Gal per Gal
ZeroTol 2.0  HAZMAT CDA ApprovedBactericide/Fungicide 2×2.5 gal per Gal

*NEW Vestis OMRI Listed Wetting Agent by Precision Labs

Vestis is an OMRI listed, nonionic organosilicone wetting agent designed for use with; crop protection products, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, microbial products and plant nutritionals. Vestis lowers spray solution surface tension to improve wetting and uniformity of leaf surface coverage beyond that of ordinary surfactants.

Convenient Low Use Rates:  Ground: Use 3.2–13 ounces per 100 gallons of spray solution.
Aerial: Use 12–19 ounces per 100 gallons of spray solution.

Vestis is ideal for use where coverage is critical. It is especially well suited for low water volume applications made by ground or aerial equipment where spray coverage may be a limiting factor.  LABEL    SDS  Call Julie for pricing!  719-635-9024

*NEW Green Cleaner


We now carry CDA Approved Green Cleaner.  Green Cleaner kills spider mites and their eggs, predatory mites, aphids, white flies, broad mites and russet mites on contact.  Also effective on Powdery Mildew.      Watch Video Here to see how it works
Competitive Pricing!  Call Julie for pricing!  719-635-9024



 *NEW Spider Mite Control with Grandevo!


Have you tried *CDA approved Grandevo WDG by Marrone Bio Innovations?
It’s an advanced microbial pesticide which offers complex modes of action to manage a cross spectrum of chewing and sucking insects and mites.  It is easy on beneficials and is exempt from residue tolerances.  Grandevo has proven to be highly effective against Broad and Russet Mites as well as Spider Mites.  The product is recognized as fully compliant for use on organic crops by the National Organic Program (NOP) and is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). Label  SDS   5 lbs. (6 per case) Call Julie for pricing 719-635-9024   *Ground application only to non-blooming plants.
Application Rates:  Use every one to two weeks as a preventative measure and for severe infestations, apply three applications at two to three day intervals.  Apply at two tablespoons per gallon.  Call Julie for pricing!  719-635-9024

Evergreen Crop Protection EC 60-6
CDA Approved – EverGreen® Crop Protection EC 60-6 is a pyrethrin-based botanical insecticide synergized with piperonyl butoxide (PBO) to maximize control, coverage and efficacy across a range of insects and crops. It controls more than 100 different insects on most growing crops throughout the entire season including right up until harvest. EverGreen is an ideal pre-harvest clean-up spray since it provides fast knockdown and control with minimal field re-entry time. In addition to growing crops, EverGreen can be used on ornamentals, stored products, and even harvest fruits and vegetables.  EverGreen is a softer, botanically-derived insecticide that has a lower impact on the environment, yet a high impact on pests. 12 Hour REI.  Mixes with other insecticides for even faster, more complete kill.  Comes in Qts. and Gallon sizes. Label  SDS  Call Julie for pricing!  719-635-9024

Captiva Insecticide


CDA Approved – Captiva agitates and excites thrips and mites, forcing them out of their sheltered hiding spots.
As a stand-alone product, Captiva has repellency, anti-feeding, and anti-oviposition properties.
As a tank-mix partner, Captiva will help to enhance the activity of traditional insecticides and miticides and extend their reach to the target pests.  Label  SDS  Call Julie for pricing!  719-635-9024

Trilogy Fungicide/Insecticide/Miticide

trilogyFight Powdery Mildew with Trilogy    Label  SDS
CDA Approved – 
Trilogy is a botanical fungicide / miticide that controls a wide range of foliar diseases and selected mite species.

Consistent performance
Excellent leaf coverage
Meets National Organic Program (NOP) standards
Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed

Call Julie for pricing!  719-635-9024

Additional products we carry or can order are as follows.  Call Julie for pricing.  719-635-9024

  • Granusol Turf Mix – A high iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Sulfur formula that also has lesser amounts of Copper and Zinc.
  • Kelly Lime & Gypsum – Supplies calcium and Magnesium, increases pH on acidic soils by replacing hydrogen and aluminium with calcium, which allows plants to utilize other nutrients more efficiently.
  • Nature Safe Organic Fertilizers – We carry a full line of Nature Safe organic fertilizer blends.  For use in production of certified organic crops.
  • Ocean Organics – Seaweed Extracts and stress management products.

Most liquids available in 5 gal. cases up to **55 gal drums or larger.  Call for pricing and available quantities.  719-635-9024
Drop shipments upon request with approved freight quote acceptance.

Products Soil Life Systems

ZeroTol 2.0  Contact Bactericide/Fungicide – OMRI listed –   CDA APPROVED  (Greenhouse Use Only)

OxiPhos  Systemic Bactericide/Fungicide  –  NEW! – CDA APPROVED
AzaGuard  Botanical Insecticide  –  OMRI listed – CDA APPROVED
CalOx   Micronized Calcium Supplement  –  NEW!
AXXE   Broad-Spectrum Herbicide  –  OMRI listed

TerraClean 5.0   Broad-Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide  –  OMRI listed – CDA APPROVED
TerraCytePRO   Granular Bactericide/Fungicide
TerraGrow   Beneficial Soil Inoculate
OxiDate 2.0   Bactericide/Fungicide – OMRI listed –  CDA APPROVED

SaniDate 12.0   Microbiocide  –  OMRI listed
GreenCleanPRO   Granular Algaecide/Fungicide  –  OMRI listed

SaniDate 5.0   Sanitizer/Disinfectant  –  OMRI listed